Biden reveals the risk of a nuclear end of the world Highest since Cuban Missile Crisis – Live News

Biden reveals the risk of a nuclear end of the world Highest since the Cuban Missile Crisis

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7 Oct. BBC US President Joe Biden said the risk of nuclear armageddon was at its highest since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis with the United States and the Soviet Union. With President John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev nearing a nuclear showdown. After the Soviets deployed nuclear weapons in Cuba. It’s the closest we’ve ever been to a full-scale nuclear war.

Biden said at the Democratic fundraising event: Russian President Vladimir Putin is not funny when it comes to tactical use of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Mr Putin’s military performance was substantially underperformed following the retreat of Russian forces in Ukraine and his use of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons tactically. may spread rapidly beyond control And that the United States is trying to find a way to get Putin out of the war.

“We have the first direct threat of nuclear weapons since the Cuban Missile Crisis. If these things continue the way Russia really walks. We have not faced the end of the world since President Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis,” Biden told Democrats.

The president’s statement came months after US officials warned that Russia may turn to weapons of mass destruction If faced with defeat on the Ukrainian battlefield And the United States and the European Union say they should take Putin’s display of nuclear power seriously.

Earlier, Mr Putin, threatening to use all means to protect Russian territory, signed the final document on Friday, Sept. 30, to formally annex four Ukrainian regions occupied by Russia, the Luhansk region. Donetsk region Zaporizhia region and the Kherson region Although Ukrainian forces are advancing to regain the area from Mr Putin.

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