Big Brother 2022: Juliana was eliminated by 57.67% of the votes in a heads-up with Cata

At the Saturday nominees’ dinner, Maria Laura Cata Álvarez, Juan Ignacio Nacho Castañares Puente, Juliana Diaz y Agustin Guardis they opened their hearts. “This was a beautiful experience. Living it at 41 years old. Obviously, I want to stay because I came with an objective, which is to be able to set up my business,” he said. Cata. “I came from a 2021 that shits me… with slaps, with three terrible losses, so I’m happy to be in here and that they haven’t caught me down,” added the girlfriend of Maxi Judges. “My goal, the truth is, was never to come and win. I am grateful to be here with all the guys who played, because the truth is that I had started on the wrong foot and they never left me isolated,” he commented. Nacho. about the end, Frodo He assured: “One month on the plate, my goal is to reach the final.”

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