Big change to YouTube quietly, users surprised

YouTube, Google’s popular video sharing service, has quietly undergone a major overhaul.

Yes, now if you open YouTube without signing in to Google account, the home page will be completely blank.

Previously, if you opened YouTube without even logging into an account, there were a number of videos that were recommended based on the user’s local history.

However, now if you log out of the web browser, or open YouTube on a browser without Google account login or use incognito mode, the video sharing website will show a blank page.

A message will be written on this blank page asking the user to search for videos.

It is unclear when YouTube made the change, as it was not announced by the company.

However, such a change was hinted at in August 2023, under which users were to be given the option to keep the YouTube homepage blank.

At the time it was mentioned that you had to clear your YouTube watch history to blank the homepage.

On the occasion, YouTube added that several features are connected to Watch History, including a home feed, and this new change will be better for users who prefer to search for content themselves instead of recommendations.

But then this change was not implemented because it was heavily criticized by users.

Now this new change has been made which is somewhat good or bad for the users is not yet clear.

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2024-04-24 22:58:34

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