“Big mess”, “Total juice”: according to several users, bpost is experiencing major delays in the delivery of parcels, what is going on?

For the past few days, testimonies have followed one another about bpost’s delivery delays. Via the orange Alert us button, many people are currently contacting us. “The bpost Seraing sorting center is in total juice, they do not deliver parcels that were ordered before November 9! They take care of new parcels and leave old parcels lying around in bins without touching them for years. days !”according to Erwin. “Exasperation and anger among bpost users: big mess in the delivery of parcels for 1 week (I personally have two in the wild, track and trace blocked on November 8), delivery is announced day by day and at 5 p.m…. Just go to bpost’s Facebook page to see the comments under their November 8 post regarding the strike. A lot of us have been wandering around for a week!”, continues Lidvin. On Facebook and Twitter, indeed, many people talk about the constant postponement of the delivery of their packages.

What’s going on ? The situation is nuanced by the Belgian postal company. These disturbances were to be expected, but are in the process of being regularized. “One day of strike, then the day after a public holiday: we could expect a slight delay. Many people were not working, but the delay concerning parcels will disappear soon”, reassures the bpost spokesperson.

A situation which, although problematic, should therefore normalize in the coming days.

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