Billboard Hacking Incidents: Controversial Broadcasts and Revenge Attacks

2023-08-23 03:01:55

Baghdad: Hacker hacked billboard and broadcast obscene video. The obscene video was broadcast on Sunday through a billboard in Uqba Bin Nafey Square in central Baghdad. Although the hacker was caught in the incident, the authorities temporarily suspended campaigns through the billboard.

Initial information is that the hacker was prompted to take such action due to a financial dispute with the owner of the company that had not been resolved for a long time. Earlier, the Iraqi government had announced that it would ban porn sites in the country. But the policy in this step is yet to be clarified. Earlier, Iraq had given an opportunity to the citizens of the country to provide information about pornographic websites in the name of report.

In another similar incident in 2022, the woman took revenge on her boyfriend who left her for another woman through billboards. The woman retaliated by putting up flux boards stating this in front of her lover’s house and other important places in the city where he used to go. Isa, a 25-year-old pop singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, took revenge on her boyfriend. Issa placed one of her flux boards right in front of the house where her boyfriend and his new girlfriend live together.

They did this with the insistence that when the lover who left her opened her eyes and looked out, she should see his face. They also responded that her aim is to destroy the peace of her lover and his new partner. Isa had placed such flux boards in various parts of the city – especially in the places where the lover was likely to go.

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