Help a Yemeni Elderly Man Recover from Stroke – Urgent Financial Assistance Needed

2023-08-22 22:06:24

A Yemeni elderly man, in his seventies, suffered a stroke about five months ago, which necessitated his transfer to the emergency department at Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City Hospital, in Abu Dhabi, to resuscitate him and save his life. This necessitated his stay in the intensive care unit for about a month.

The stroke led to (Abu Aref) suffering from a defect in the nerves of the brain, and hemiplegia in the left part of his body.

The doctor prescribed a list of medications for the patient, set follow-ups for him in the neurology department, and asked him to perform laboratory tests, to monitor him periodically.

The cost of his treatment in the hospital was 10,668 dirhams.

But the problem is that his family’s financial capabilities do not allow them to secure this amount, which is what prompted his son to appeal to charitable people to help him meet the costs of his father’s treatment, so that his life would not be endangered.

A medical report issued by Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, of which Emirates Today obtained a copy, stated that “the 73-year-old patient was admitted to the emergency department, unconscious, and after resuscitating him and conducting medical analyzes and examinations, it was found that he had suffered a stroke, pointing to a procedure Urgent catheterization of the brain, to save the patient.

The report added, “The patient stayed for a month in the intensive care unit, during which he received the necessary medical care, and his condition improved. However, the stroke he suffered affected the functioning of the nerves of the brain, which led to him being paralyzed, and he currently needs medications for nerve treatment, and periodic monitoring for a period of six months.

The patient’s son (Aref) recounts that his father’s health condition deteriorated greatly about five months ago, as he suddenly lost consciousness, which necessitated calling an ambulance, and transporting him to the nearest government hospital.

The son added, “His father was admitted to the emergency department in Sheikh Shakhbout City Hospital, and he was resuscitated, and his life was saved. It turned out that he had suffered a stroke. After that period, his condition improved, and the neurologist told us that the stroke had affected my father’s nerves, causing them to malfunction, and this led to him being paralyzed in the left side.”

And he explained that «his father needs nerve medications and medical reviews. The cost of his six-month treatment is 10,668 dirhams.

He said, “I am the only breadwinner for my family, and I work in a private company with a salary of 5,000 dirhams, from which I spend on a family of nine, which makes me completely unable to afford the costs of my father’s treatment, knowing that I have bank installments.”

(Arif) appealed to those with merciful hearts to extend a hand of goodness to him to help him treat his elderly father.

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