Biohacking turns 61-year-old man into 38 – Pakistan

A man in America has made his body 38 years old at the age of 61 with the help of diet, exercise and nutritional supplements. Dave Pascoe says that through ‘biohacking’ he has succeeded in not only stopping but reversing his body’s degradation process.

Dave Pascoe is from Michigan. He is 61 years old but his body is 38 years old. His interesting story on health and longevity has been published in the famous newspaper The New York Post. Dave Pascoe, a self-proclaimed biohacker, says he has adopted an inflexible routine of diet, exercise and supplements.

Pasco’s website describes his daily routine in great detail. He wakes up before sunrise, spends some time outdoors and does vigorous exercise. He is very careful in the matter of food and drink. He takes 158 supplements daily.

Pascoe wants to keep his health consistent with his age. He wishes and strives to be perfectly healthy even at the age of 90 to 110 years. Despite not being flexible in some cases, he also takes time out of the routine for a few activities.

Pascoe’s story has inspired many seniors to think about how to ensure a healthy body. As a result, the biohacking movement is gaining momentum.