Bioneuroemoción, Enric Corbera’s methodology for emotional well-being

The impact of emotions on well-being is a proven fact and has greater scientific support every day

The impact of emotions on well-being is a proven fact and has greater scientific support every day

Through various disciplines, the influence of emotions on the immune and endocrine systems, and even on a multitude of conditions that affect physical condition, has been demonstrated. For this reason, the author Enric Corbera created the method Bioneuroemotion, a new way of understanding and managing emotions as an essential factor to care for and improve physical and psychological well-being.

However, how is it possible to achieve this? When you understand the way difficulties are perceived and interpreted, you can face the problems that lie in wait and become aware of your own process of personal evolution. This is the goal of Enric Corbera Institute.

The Bioneuroemotion It is a reference framework that includes a work methodology aimed at the growth and emotional well-being of people. The method, with a constructivist-humanist epistemological basis, investigates the origin of emotional conflicts. Anyone, regardless of their emotional state, has the ability to change the negative perception they have about what they live with stress towards a broader vision to improve their quality of life and psychological well-being. Ultimately, the Bioneuroemotion It is a way of seeing and understanding life.

Through this method, well-being is perceived as a sense of harmony that arises from the positive perception of one’s abilities to deal with conflicts and from the awareness of personal evolution that gives meaning to life.

The diploma in Bioneuroemotion, training that teaches the original method of Enric Corbera, has the recognition and guarantee of several university centers. Its main objective is to understand and influence emotional health, but its fields of application are very varied.

  • Personal growth: allows you to get to know yourself in depth, transcend limitations and develop potential through self-inquiry.

  • Health: thanks to this method, a new vision of health and resources to manage emotional states, which may be influencing the appearance of physical symptoms, can be discovered.

  • Sport: teaches how to develop emotional management skills that favor well-being and performance during training and competition.

  • Company: self-knowledge can be increased, since transcending limitations and strengthening emotional competencies boost professional development.

  • Education: thanks to this method it is possible to become a reference for the academic and emotional development of children/students. It has training for teachers, parents and students.

  • Social service: offers support and tools to manage difficult situations, emotionally accompany vulnerable people and improve well-being.

Enric Corbera has trained more than 41,000 people in the method of Bioneuroemotion. Born in 1954, Corbera has a degree in Psychology and an industrial technical engineer. He has dedicated more than twenty years to research, training in various disciplines related to psychology and emotional well-being care. With all his experience, he developed the Bioneuroemotion and founded the Enric Corbera Institute. Is a educational organization with which it intends to transmit scientific, philosophical and humanistic knowledge about emotional management and personal well-being. Your mission? “I hope that we can transcend our limitations.”

Enric Corbera has written various books on emotional health. Two of the most outstanding are “Emotions for life” and “Encounters with my soul”. The first offers tools to work on emotional management on a day-to-day basis. In the second book, he talks about a life process, about how emotional maturity can be developed and mastery achieved through different experiences.

It should be noted that Corbera gives conferences, talks and seminars all over the world and that his videos have obtained more than 520 million views on YouTube. He is also Ambassador of Peace, a decoration awarded by Mil Milenios de Paz and Fundación PEA, in a ceremony held in the Honorable Senate of the Argentine Nation.

Enric Corbera Institute is an educational organization specialized in managing emotions and contributing to personal well-being. To do this, it focuses on the study and continuous research of the latest scientific, philosophical and humanistic advances related to the management of emotions.

The Institute focuses its activities fundamentally on four areas: training activities, informative activities, support sessions, and research and development. Through these actions, in addition to imparting the knowledge that makes up the method, it provides the necessary tools to apply it on a day-to-day basis. effectively and generate positive changes in people’s lives.

Likewise, it should be noted that the Bioneuroemotion, in addition to being a methodology, is a way of seeing life and a habit that helps to know oneself in depth, connect with resources and develop potential. Currently, its entire teaching team teaches the methodology with a clear purpose: to help people manage their emotions and improve their well-being.

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