Bird opens a handwritten letter, Watermelon, Nida, writes it damply on Valentine’s Day.

Bird opened a handwritten letter Watermelon Nida wrote for Valentine’s Day. Describe your love for your boyfriend. people cheering Believe that the love of watermelon will embrace Bird forever.

Image from Instagram stonerbkk

It’s been over a month since the actress’s death. Watermelon Nida But the cuteness and goodness that the person treats the people around him is still there to see, especially Bird, the watermelon’s boyfriend. with photo moments in memory to see through Instagram all the time

Most recently (April 2, 2022), Bird posted a picture of a handwritten letter that Watermelon wrote for Valentine’s Day. During the past February with the message “To … Bird (2022) Happy Valentine’s day Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. of the love that she always had for him He loves who loves you very much. #Love like you’ve never loved anyone. She is valuable in herself, precious to him and to God. Love yourself a lot. You can take care of your health. in case the dream comes true so that I can stay and play with my children for a long time

no matter what the future will be He will be there to support Always be a shelter for your loved ones. Will help push every dream that she has accomplished ! And he’s sorry for being offended often. Slowly adjusting. Don’t be discouraged with him, darling. From…the person who cares about you in the world with love // ​​melon”

Image from Instagram stonerbkk

In addition, Bird also wrote a touching caption that “MY BE LOVE. He also loves you very much. Care dear, love the most beloved in the world too. #stonerbkk #greenmanmelon” While netizens came to support Bird in abundance. and believe that the love of watermelon will embrace Bird forever

Image from Instagram stonerbkk

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