Supreme Media removes incest scenes from the series “Donia Tania”

The Supreme Council for Media Regulation decided to stop the first episode of the series “Donia Tania” because it did not obtain a permit from the censorship of artistic works, and it was broadcast by fraud.

This came on the basis of an urgent complaint submitted by Dr. Khaled Abdel Jalil, head of the censorship of artistic works, who confirmed that the first episode had already been monitored, but Al-Nahar channel deceived and broadcast the episode that included the deleted scenes.

The council stressed the warning to all channels that have the right to show, not to broadcast any work that does not have a license to show.

The council added that it will not hesitate to apply the standards contained in the announced media code, and that it will apply the texts contained in its law in the event of a violation that includes stopping the radio until the license of the channel itself is withdrawn if it persists in violations.

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