Blas’s family and Amnesty agree with the sentence

“It is important that the sentence in this case be the rule that governs cases of institutional violence in Córdoba from now on.”

With such forcefulness, the deputy director of Amnesty International Argentina, Paola García Rey, began yesterday the press conference that was the end of the marathon day in which the sentences of those accused of the crime of Valentino Blas Correas were known.

The instance was attended by the aforementioned directive, the family lawyer and the father, mother and brother. In the conference room of the Howard Johnson hotel, in the city center, they answered questions to the press until after 9:00 p.m.

“We are shocked. From Amnesty, it is a pride to have accompanied the family. The 13 accused police officers had to give an account of what they did and even appealed to their ability to speak,” said García Rey, who said he was satisfied with the ruling.

“The Blas case marked a turning point in institutional violence. This case is a first step in the right direction so that institutional violence in Córdoba ends, which always hits the marginalized sectors,” he stated.

Blas’s mother, Soledad Laciar, found the strength to speak, although she said she was very moved. “This ruling is not to celebrate, but for the first time I can say that what I was saying was true. It wasn’t 13 policemen, but there was a security failure. The sentence went far beyond what I expected and I am glad that there are people acquitted if they had nothing to do with it. We did not come to take revenge on anyone, ”she expressed to applause.

“The next step is to approach the police forces. It depends on the provincial government. I hope they are doing something, ”he maintained.

Meanwhile, Soledad was accompanied throughout the day. Very close to her, other mothers who also fight for justice could be seen. Sonia Torres, the mothers of the Neonatal and the relatives of the victims of the “easy trigger” were some of them.

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