News Bloomberg announced that he will end his confidentiality agreements...

Bloomberg announced that he will end his confidentiality agreements with three women if they wish


The former mayor of New York and Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg decided to give his permission for that, If the women involved want it, the three confidentiality agreements that they have signed for claims of alleged sexual harassment or misconduct are disclosed..

Bloomberg thus reacted to the avalanche of criticism he received in the last debate of the Democratic primary and ordered his company so that while he manages it, he wants to sell his company if he becomes president of the United States. Do not offer confidentiality agreements in these cases related to complaints of women for verbal or physical harassment, in addition to committing to a battery of measures to support women.

“I had the company revisit its history and they identified 3 NDA (confidentiality agreements, for its acronym in English) that we signed in the last 30 years with women to address complaints about comments they said they had made,” Bloomberg explained. it’s a statement.

In this regard, he communicated his intention that “If any of them wants to be released from their NDA so they can talk about these accusations, they should contact the company and they will be given authorization.

“I have reflected a lot on this subject in the last few days and I have decided that while I am managing the company, We will not offer confidentiality agreements to resolve claims of sexual harassment or future misconduct”Said Bloomberg after the avalanche of criticism that the tycoon of his Democratic opponents had in the first debate of the primaries in which he was.

In an attempt to react and not lose his good position in the polls, Bloomberg recognizes that confidentiality agreements, “particularly when used in the context of sexual harassment and assault,” promote a “culture of silence in the workplace and contribute to women who do not feel safe or supported

In a detailed statement, Bloomberg pledges that “all business leaders must recognize that our workplace culture is our responsibility and leadership in good workplace policies must come from the direction

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“I am proud of Bloomberg LP, the company we have built. But like all workplaces, we must always seek to improve. We have a human resources team that has always worked at the forefront of industries seeking best practices“, he claimed.

“I have asked them to consult with experts, as I have done in recent days, and that Review and modify our policies when necessary with regard to equal pay and promotion, sexual harassment and discrimination, and other legal tools that prevent cultural change”, The Democratic candidate added.

Bloomberg now wants his company to be a “model for women who seek opportunities and support in their careers.”

“When we support women in the workplace, we promote not only their own feelings, but we help them and their families throughout the United States to live better through higher wages (…). As president I will work to pass the Law to Be Heard in Congress, which will legislate these necessary changes in federal law”He promised.

He also took the opportunity to ensure that support legislative proposals that increase the equity of women in the workplace, including the 12-week guarantee of paid family leave and the increase of the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour.

“When we share a mutual respect and treat all our colleagues as we would like to be treated, we all do our best work. This is something that Donald Trump does not understand; not when he ran his business, and not now when he runs recklessly our country I will be a leader that women can trust, ”he stressed.


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