Bloomberg Price of the Dollar in the middle of the exchange session

The price of dollar continues to retreat during the middle of today’s FX session, friday january 21.

Bloomberg data shows that at 09:00 am the exchange rate opened the day at S/ 3.83 at the interbank level.

The greenback continued its downward trend and at 11:00 a.m. it fell back to S/ 3,815 in the peruvian market.

with this fall the dollar is close to closing the week with a new minimum price since May 2021.

The decline in the US currency occurs globally, according to Reuters, while investors are waiting for the meeting of the Federal Reserve which will take place next week.

Global markets are searching for clues as to its path to monetary tightening, which includes an end to bond purchases, rate hikes and balance sheet reduction.

Dollar price for buying and selling

The platform, how much is the, indicates that in money changers the dollar it is bought at S/ 3,805 and it is sold at around S/ 3.85.

In the digital exchange houses, it is reported that the green ticket is bought at S/ 3.81 and sold at approximately S/ 3.83.

Remember that the exchange rate will continue to vary until today’s close at 1:30 pm, so these prices may still change.

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