‘Blue Coral’, which feeds even the king leopard; Killer of killers- Blue Coral Snakes Have Venom Unlike Any Other Snake

Blue coral is one of the deadliest venomous snakes in the world. These snakes have a bright red color on the head and tail and blue color throughout the body. Researchers have previously found that their venom can also be used as a pain reliever. The peculiarity of their venom is that it travels fast. Due to this feature, they can be used as pain relievers.

They are known as the ‘killer of killers’ due to the severity of their venom. This is no exaggeration. Because they often feed on smaller king cobras. Even the venom of the king of snakes, the king cobra, is invulnerable to them. Blue coral is native to South Asia. These snakes are rarely seen in human proximity.

The length of their venom gland is also amazing, reaching up to 2 meters in length. It is about 60 cm long, which is about a quarter of the length of the body. The details of this snake’s venom were almost unknown until recently. Researchers in Australia have discovered that painkillers can be produced from the venom of blue corals after much effort. Although they have the title of killer of killers with their name, their existence is not safe like many other species. Deforestation in South Asian countries is the main reason for their decline.

English Summary: Blue Coral Snakes Have Venom Unlike Any Other Snake

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