Boban Marjanovic moves his 221 centimeters of happiness in Houston

He will never be quiet. This Thursday, Boban Marjanovic and a gaggle of other rotation players learned of their departure for Houston. The Serbian of 22 33 years old will experience his sixth career franchise, and this time hopes to play a role in its reconstruction. We ? Boarf, as long as the large puppet remains in our field of vision, everything is fine.

How many letters are there in « Boban Marjanovic » ? Fifteen. One for each of his ball losses this season. It’s not much, but it’s also synonymous with a great underutilized dadet whose the career inevitably tends towards the end. It’s staggering – not to say outrageous – that no franchise manages to properly utilize the Serbian giant. All you have to do is place him in the middle of the racket and ask him to raise his arms, then dunk. Yes, this last analysis is that of the editor’s daron who, between two very pronounced snores, woke up out of pure guilt to give an opinion that he thought was pushed. In reality, the biggest problem for Boban Marjanovic, the one that prevents him from playing 35 minutes a night since his arrival in the NBA, is the disappearance of his birth certificate in a fire. We don’t see anything else. Ever since the trade between Mavericks and Rockets – around 3am on Thursday – TrashTalk’s science department has been engaged in a series of convoluted calculations. In the 2021-22 season, Boban averaged just 5.6 minutes for 4.3 points and 1.7 rebounds per game. If he played 40 minutes? He would slam about 30.7 checkers and 12.1 rebounds each night. We already see the embittered mocking this reasoning. Note that the scientific team used multiplication by a common denominator to arrive at this result. A method beyond the reach of “CQNPFMS” (those who have not done Maths Sup).

A bromance with Tobias Harris in Philly, a second – however less popular – with Luka Doncic in Dallas, but who will be the lucky one in Texas? We bet our kopeks on Jalen Green (or Paolo Banchero?). This will at least please Rockets fans who, failing to share the schedule for the first round of the 2023 Playoffs, will be able to retweet dance videos with flame emojis. Boarf you know, they don’t need more to love life. In response to the initial question of this paper, presented in the title, Boban Marjanovic will play – still according to the calculations of our scientific department – 1.7 minutes per encounter. We have taken into account the decrease in his playing time over the last few seasons, and come to the simple conclusion that the Serb is finite. Nikola Jokic took over in the NBA, but also in the country where he will continue to ensure the sustainability of the national team. The idea is unbearable for us but we will have to get used to it: the curtain draw is close for Boban.

Boban Marjanovic will have marked the NBA more than ever with his imprint. A loan that is unlike any other, and the last trace of which may be filed in the summer of 2023, once his contract is over.

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