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DISAPPEARANCE OF NAYA RIVERA – A body was found at Lake Piru, where the actress Naya Rivera disappeared on Wednesday July 8. The sheriff’s office will hold a press conference at 2 p.m. local time regarding this macabre discovery.

The essential

  • Actress Naya Rivera, known for her role as Santana in the Glee series, has been missing since Wednesday July 8. A body was found in the lake on Monday July 13 by the research team. A press conference will be given at 2 p.m. local time regarding this sad discovery. According to a source from TMZ, the body is that of Naya Rivera.
  • The actress had rented a boat with her 4-year-old son for an outing on Lake Piru, located not far from Santa Clarita, a few dozen kilometers from Los Angeles. Naya Rivera’s boat was found north of the lake, in a section called “The Narrows”.
  • Naya Rivera’s 4-year-old son Josey Hollis Dorsey was found asleep on the boat. According to information from FOX11 Los Angeles, an adult-size life jacket was found on board the boat. Naya Rivera’s son reportedly told police that his mother dived in the water but never came to the surface.
  • The authorities consider that, given the circumstances, Naya Rivera is “presumed dead”, probably drowned. Research continues and the area of ​​investigation has been expanded in recent hours. The investigators clearly mention a “body recovery mission” according to the TMZ site.

And immediately

8:25 p.m. – Naya Rivera’s family reunited Saturday for research

While searches continue at Lake Piru to find the actress Naya Rivera, her family was present on site Saturday to participate. Her father, mother, brother, sister and ex-husband were on the scene, accompanied by patrols in charge of the investigation.

8:00 p.m. – What did Naya Rivera’s son tell the police?

On the afternoon of her disappearance, Naya Rivera was alone with her son in a boat. He is believed to be the only witness to whom the investigators can speak and, although he is only 4 years old, the boy has already given information to the police as stated by TMZ. According to the American website, he told them that his mother had gone to swim in Lake Piru but that she had never returned near the boat. Ventura County police found her son alone in the boat around 5:00 p.m. local time. Research began immediately to try to find the actress, and is still in progress.

19:35 – A body found at Lake Piru

In a tweet, the investigating sheriff’s office announced July 13 that a body had been found at Lake Piru. The ascent of the body was in progress, in order to identify it. A conference will be given at 2 p.m. local time.

19:10 – Sheriff’s office active on social networks

Since the disappearance of actress Naya Rivera, Wednesday July 8, the sheriff’s office in charge of the investigation communicates regularly on social networks, via Twitter. As reported by Paris Match, the office reaffirmed Sunday that research continued at the lake and its surroundings from Monday. Saturday, Naya Rivera’s family was there to help.

6:45 pm – In which recent series has Naya Rivera appeared?

The actress Naya Rivera, who disappeared on Wednesday July 8 in Lake Piru, is notably known for her flagship role in the series “Glee”. However, she had more recently appeared in the series “Devious Maids” and “Step Up: High Water”, as indicated by the site Research to find it is still in progress.

6:20 pm – Slimane moved by the disappearance of Naya Rivera

The singer Slimane was extremely touched by the disappearance of Naya Rivera, as reports the site He was particularly moved by the image of the actress’ father swimming fully clothed in Lake Piru, looking for his daughter. Images that have moved many people. “This picture made me cry,” wrote Slimane on Twitter.

18:00 – At least eight people have died in this lake since 1994

In 2009, Denise Arredondo, a nine-year-old girl, died after drowning in Lake Piru. She had been caught in a whirlpool while swimming. And he is not the only victim. At least eight people have died there since 1994.

17:40 – The family of a girl who died in the lake thinks that Naya Rivera was victim of a whirlwind

The family of Denise Arredondo, the nine-year-old girl who died after drowning in Lake Piru, believes that Naya Rivera suffered the same fate. His cousin Andrea told the Sun that this lake is “known for whirlpools”. “I was very surprised myself because I was not even aware that there could be whirlpools in lakes,” she said. “I really hope that is not the reason why Naya did not reappear, but that could be one of the possibilities,” says Andrea.

5:20 pm – Glee co-actors Amber Riley and Kevin McHale ask fans to show compassion

Actors from the Glee series Amber Riley and Kevin McHale asked fans to show compassion and empathy for the disappearance of Naya Rivera. This request follows the closure of Lea Michele’s Twitter account, the victim of criticism from some fans of the teen series. “Please respect [la famille de Naya] and their privacy right now. Please do not judge those who don’t show their pain on social media, “wrote Kevin McHale aka Artie Abrams in the series.

17:03 – A curse around the Glee series?

With the disappearance of Naya Rivera on Wednesday, many fans or simple observers have only one word to mouth: “curse”. It must be said that this is not the first time that the Glee series has found itself on one of the news page. Many dramas and scandals have already touched in the past the musical series created by Ryan Murphy in 2009. What feed this idea of ​​curse. But as 20 Minutes reports, if researchers from a university in Queensland, Australia, managed to demonstrate in 2011 that the famous theory of the “Club of 27”, according to which a curse would strike the music stars killing them the year of their 27th birthday, it would be the same for Glee’s curse. What reassure the fans, even if for the moment, the dramas are still very real …


Naya Rivera disappeared at Lake Piru, located in California, on July 8, 2020. The actress rented a boat at 1 p.m. with her 4-year-old son, Josey. The child was found three hours later, alone on the boat, dressed in a life jacket, unharmed but asleep. According to the little boy, his mother went to swim and never came back. Authorities began to search the area using drones, divers and helicopters, without success. The searches stopped at dusk on Wednesday and resumed early in the morning on Thursday and Friday. The authorities do not exclude that the actress was drowned and began operations to “recover the body”, and no longer a rescue operation, according to TMZ. For the moment, she has not been found.

The disappearance of Naya Rivera fears the worst. If the search to find her is still underway, the authorities would presume her dead according to the American media Just Jared. During her boat trip with her four-year-old son, the Glee actress went to swim and never came back. Ventura County police do not rule out the drowning trail, and fear they may not find Naya Rivera alive. The 33-year-old actress is presumed dead by authorities, according to information from TMZ which indicates that the mission was now focused on “recovering the body” of the actress.

Naya Rivera is an American actress and singer. Born on January 12, 1987, she is known for having played Santana Lopez in the Glee series, from 2009 to 2015. She has also been seen in the film At the Devil’s Door and in the Devious Maids series.

Naya Rivera made her acting debut in the 1990s, playing small roles in Le Prince de Bel-Air, La vie de famille, Alerte à Malibu, or The Master of Disguise. But it was his role in Glee that revealed it to the general public. The actress joined the cast of the musical series by Ryan Murphy in 2009 in the role of Santana. His character, a minor at the start of the series, gained importance at the end of season 1 and from season 2, to become one of the protagonists of the rest of the sung show. As of 2014, her role in Glee diminishes, although she makes a few appearances. In total, Naya Rivera will play in all seasons of the music series.

Naya Rivera is the mother of a 4-year-old boy, Josey Hollis Dorsey. Born in 2015, this child is the fruit of his relationship with her ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey. The couple have shared custody since their divorce in 2018. The day of Naya Rivera’s disappearance, July 8, 2020, her son was present. He was found asleep and wearing a life jacket on the boat rented a few hours earlier by the 33-year-old actress. The boy told authorities that his mother had dived and had not returned to the boat. He was safe and was placed in the care of family members while authorities search for Naya Rivera.


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