Body of the ‘Pupil’ remains in Legal Medicine

Despite the fact that the protocol issued by the Ministry of Health requires the immediate cremation of the body when suffering from or suspecting COVID-19, that of Daniel José Osorno Márquez, alias Pupileto, remains in Legal Medicine facilities, after more than 12 hours after his death and having tested positive for the virus.

The reason why the procedure has not been carried out is due to the fact that the defense of Osorno Márquez requested the Prosecutor’s Office, that in the face of “the confused” death, the respective autopsy be carried out on the body, since ‘Pupileto’ did not die from the virus, but his death is related to episodes of violence.

“Last night, type 9 pm, the body left the El Bosque Penitentiary at the URI facilities after carrying out the sanitary procedures. This morning he went from the URI to Legal Medicine, “said the defense of Osorno Márquez to EL HERALDO.

The lawyer noted that the request to Legal Medicine is “clear” for being a violent death. “The autopsy must be performed. This must be advanced before the confirmation of COVID-19. Once this requirement has been met, cremation can proceed, ”he said.

This medium learned that the case is being accompanied by the Prosecutor’s Office in Bogotá (through the office in charge of LGBT Affairs), as well as officials from the Ombudsman’s Office, the regional Ombudsman and the Caribbean Affirmative organization.

“Daniel’s violent death must be clarified and an autopsy must be performed, with all the guarantees, in order to clarify the cause of his death,” said his lawyer.

Another reason that supports the defense for the autopsy is that Osorno Márquez suffered “several” episodes of sexual violence inside the prison, “by several inmates and with the knowledge of the guarantor of the execution of worth it, Inpec ”.


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