Bomb Explosion at Ban Na Toei School: Latest News & Updates

2023-06-15 05:16:00

last morning A bomb exploded on a police pickup truck, injuring five people at Ban Na Toei School in Yala province.

The scene of the culprit bombing a police truck. Teacher security kit at Raman District, Yala Province, causing the police and villagers to A total of 5 people were injured.

The incident took place around 7:10 a.m., while Kota Baru Provincial Police, including 4 officers, were doing their duties to protect teachers with pickup trucks. When arriving at Maduerong Curve, Ban Na Toey, Raman District, Yala Province, an explosion occurred along the roadside. while the car drives by

The explosion caused damage to the officer’s pickup truck in front of the left side of the car. and side mirrors

Stealth! Bannang Sata police car Acting Police Major Martyr wounded 4 others

Pattani is boiling! Criminals attacked the police fort and snatched a firearm, 22-year-old, killed.

As for the four police officers, consisting of Police Second Lieutenant Abdulorasa Samaning with tinnitus, Police Sergeant Nattawut Paduka, Police Sergeant Masaidi Gari with chest tightness and ringing in the ears, and Police Sergeant Major Theera. Don Sing Sri Santi cheek injury The four injured were taken to Raman Hospital. It was also found that One villager was injured and had a tightness in the chest. Was taken to the hospital as well.

After the incident, Police Lieutenant Colonel Pornchai Chusong, acting instead of the director of the Kota Baru Police Station, entered the area and immediately blocked the route to the scene. and coordinating the Yala Provincial Police Explosives Disposal Kit Check in with caution due to fear that the villain may secretly plant another bomb

Later, Police Lieutenant General Nanthadet Yoonuan, Commander of the Provincial Police Region 9, traveled to visit the injured policeman at Raman Hospital. Ready to order the investigative police to speed up finding the clue of the culprit which is believed to be the same group of villains in the area who want to create a continuous situation

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