Bonus of 55 thousand pesos for Anses retirees and pensioners: when is it collected

2023-11-30 13:01:40

Days ago, the Government formalized the granting of a $55,000 bonus for retirees and pensioners who charge the minimum salary. It will be paid in December 2023.

The benefit also includes beneficiaries of the Universal Pension for the Older Adult (PUAM), non-contributory pensions for old age, disability, mothers of seven sons or daughters or more and other non-contributory pensions and ex gratia pensions whose payment is the responsibility of Anses.

Next to bonus announced by the Government National, the organization will also deposit the half bonus corresponding to December 2023 and the new increase of 20.87%.

«The pensioners of the minimum will receive $213,569 in December between credit, bonus and reinforcement,” Anses stated on its website.

Anses Pensions: when do I collect salaries, bonus and bonus in December 2023

DNI ending in 0 and 1: Friday, December 1
DNI ending in 2 and 3: Monday, December 4
DNI ending in 4 and 5: Tuesday, December 5
DNI ending in 6 and 7: Wednesday, December 6
DNI ending in 8 and 9: Thursday, December 7

Anses retirees: when do I collect salaries, bonus and bonus in December 2023

DNI ending in 0: Monday, December 11
DNI ending in 1: Tuesday, December 12
DNI ending in 2: Wednesday, December 13
DNI ending in 3: Thursday, December 14
DNI ending in 4: Friday, December 15
DNI ending in 5: Monday, December 18
DNI ending in 6: Tuesday, December 19
DNI ending in 7: Wednesday, December 20
DNI ending in 8: Thursday, December 21
DNI ending in 9: Friday, December 22

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