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Attention. The Bonus Support It will only be delivered until the end of June, as the authorities in charge determined. This economic support is a benefit that millions of citizens of Peru have received in difficult times of the pandemic due to the COVID-19.

In this MANAGEMENT note we will tell you all the details so that you can collect the Bonus of 350 soles and how you can check with your DNI if you belong to the list of beneficiaries.

How do I know if I am a beneficiary of the Yanapay 2022 bonus?

The government enabled bond inquiry link Help. It is the individual economic subsidy of S/350 for more than 13.5 million Peruvians in a situation of poverty, extreme poverty or who are users of the social programs Together, Pension 65 or With You; with the aim of reactivating its economy due to the coronavirus crisis.

  • Enter the OFFICIAL Help Bonus LINK HERE.
  • Enter your ID number and issue date.
  • Click on the “I am not a robot” captcha.
  • Accept private policy.

Where to consult bond Help?

In order to make inquiries about the Yanapay 2022 Bonus, you must enter the official link that the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS) enabled for all Peruvians. You can give click here or enter

When do I have to collect my Yanapay voucher?

The Yanapay Bond had a deadline to be collected, which was initially April 30, 2022, however, Dina Boluarte, Minister of MIDIS, announced that the deadline will be extended until June 30 of this year. Of course, the extra 350 soles can be charged by all those who in the household are made up of a single person of legal age, with one or more minors in their care. To do this, they must not belong to any of the social programs mentioned, as well as to Pronabec.

Group 1

  • Payment into account for users of the Juntos, Pension 65 and Contigo programmes.
  • Home payment to adults over 80 years of age and people with severe disabilities.

group 2

  • Deposit to those who already have a bank account. Start of payment: from October 5.
  • Deposit to people who already have active digital wallets Bim, Tunki or Yape (option with DNI without bank account).
  • Deposit in new Bim, Tunki or Yape digital wallet accounts (option with DNI without bank account) to beneficiaries up to 59 years old and with a cell phone in their name.
  • Payment to the Banco de la Nación DNI Account for beneficiaries up to 59 years of age and with a cell phone in their name. It will be enabled in 240 prioritized districts. Start of payment: from October 25. (In case you have not been able to activate your DNI Account, you will go to cash pickup).
  • Deposit in Cellular Banking of Banco de la Nación to people who have the cell phone in their name, with a minimum of 30 days of activation. The withdrawal will be made through ATMs and Multired agents nationwide. To do this, you must first validate your personal data on the platform, from 8 am to 10 pm After this time, you will have to do it the next day. Start of payment: from December 2.

group 3

  • Paying carts at focal points in the communities. Start of payment: from October 18.
  • Home payment for adults over 80 years of age and people with severe disabilities. Start of payment: from November 9.

group 4

  • Payment at the Banco de la Nación window and in mobile agencies.
  • It is aimed only at people who do not have accounts in a bank or financial institutions, nor do they have a cell phone in their name. This modality will also be available for people who could not complete the process in previous modalities. To do this, consult previously on the Yanapay platform.

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