BOOOOM TO THE HATERS: Maguire’s forceful response to all those who bust him and criticize him for his level at Manchester United

Trending on Twitter every time he plays for Manchester United, criticized by practically every analyst in England and videos of his failings abound on Tiktok.

Right now, Harry Maguire is the most famous and noted player in the world of football. The English central seems to be aware of it. And, believe it or not, he has a message for his detractors: if he were the disaster many claim, he wouldn’t be playing recurringly for Manchester United.

If all their games were bad, none of the coaches they have had Los Red Devils this season they would have kept him in the starting XI. And he is immovable.

He admitted that there have been meetings in which he has not been high and understands that he is required as captain, leader and signing of a lot of money. However, he insisted that it would be impossible for him to stay in the lineup that long if he genuinely was that low.


“Of course I would say that this season I have had bad games. But I wouldn’t be playing every game in Manchester United’s starting XI if I were playing every game poorly or not playing well enough. There is a reason why both managers (Ole and Ralf) have put me in the starting XI every game, because of what he brought to the team, because of what I give him in the starting XI. But I also understand that I am the captain of this club, I cost a lot of money and when things are not good, when we are conceding a lot of goals, I am going to be criticized.Maguire declared, in the preview of the Classic of England that United ended up losing 4-0 against Liverpool.

Undefeated data. Harry Maguire is the highest paid central defender in the history of the game. They recruited him for 87 million euros.

Did you know…? Harry Maguire has 42 appearances for the England National Team. Major international since 2017. One of the leaders of the team that reached the final of Euro 2022.

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