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Zelensky went to the front line of Bahemut to inspect again to boost the morale of the army. (Taken from the Office of the President of Ukraine)

[Compilation of Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]On December 20 last year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the frontline of Bakhmut, where the fighting was most intense. As Russia keeps saying that it is about to capture this city in Udon, Zelensky recently went to the local frontline again to inspect it in person, boosting the morale of the army and showing the style of the supreme commander!

Ukrainian Obozrevatel TV station reported that the new office of the Presidential Palace announced on the 22nd that Zelensky recently went to the Donetsk region for a new working visit and inspected the Ukrainian army in the Bammut region. forward position. The exact location of the president’s visit was not disclosed in the statement.

The statement said that the head of state received reports on the combat situation and the course of the battle at the front, talked with soldiers and awarded honors to Ukrainian defenders for their defense of the country.

Zelensky told the soldiers, “I have the honor to be here today, in the east of our country, in the Donbass, and to honor our heroes, thank you, shake hands. Thank you for protecting the state, sovereignty and the east of Ukraine. “

The statement stated that the officers and soldiers present first observed a moment of silence for the heroes who gave their lives for the motherland, and the president then presented awards to the soldiers who showed efficiency, courage and resilience.

Zelensky said in a previous interview that it is Ukrainian tactics to stick to Bakhmut. After the Russian army occupies Bakhmut, they can go to Sloviansk (Sloviansk) and Kramatorsk (Kramatorsk), the capital of the state. It will open the way for the Russian army to other towns in Ukraine, “that’s why the Ukrainian army has to hold on.”

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The officers and soldiers of the Ukrainian 57th Motorized Rifle Brigade who stood firm on Bakhmut signed the flag of the brigade and dedicated it to Zelensky. (The picture is taken from the Office of the President of Ukraine))

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Zelensky takes a selfie with the Bakhmut defenders. (The picture is taken from the Office of the President of Ukraine)

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