Boost Your Immune System with Natural Home Remedies – Expert Tips Included!

2024-02-24 12:02:02

These home remedies really help

With a bit of luck, the most beautiful winter wonderland will now appear, so head outside to toboggan or go for a walk. Of course you don’t want to get sick. But the wave of colds still has us firmly in its grip and we also feel joint pain more strongly in sub-zero temperatures. In order to prevent it or get fit again quickly, you don’t have to resort to strong medication straight away – simple home remedies often do the trick. You probably have some ready. And in the pharmacy you can find zinc preparations that rev up your immune system (e.g. Unizink 50). Doctors, alternative practitioners and phytotherapists have even more tricks up their sleeves. Here, five book authors tell you how they can strengthen their immune system and that of their loved ones, protect themselves from colds etc. or get back on their feet quickly. Try it out – it’s worth it!

“Kicking snow makes us tougher” DR. FRANZISKA RUBIN TV doctor and general practitioner

WATER TREADING Toughens us up! Dr. has these tips for a strong immune system. Ruby in your luggage: “To toughen yourself up, I recommend treading water or dew according to Kneipp. Start with a few seconds, gradually increase the duration. Then put on warm socks and move your feet properly. If there is inflammation – whether it’s a respiratory disease or arteriosclerosis – I rely on a ten-day turmeric treatment . Mix 200 g liquid honey, 50 g turmeric, 1 tsp nutmeg, 3 tsp cinnamon, 2 tsp ginger powder, 1/2 tsp pepper and 2 tbsp linseed oil. Add 1 tbsp of this to a warm cup of (oat) milk every day and drink.”

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