Boris Johnson Resigns as UK Prime Minister Amid Partygate Investigation: Full Report

2023-06-09 21:05:00

Boris Johnson Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom announcement of resignation MPs with immediate effect After receiving the report of the partygate case

Foreign news agencies reported that On Friday, June 9, 2023, Boris Johnson issued a statement announcing his resignation as a member of the House of Representatives with immediate effect. After he received a report from the Board of Benefits which is investigating whether Did he mislead Congress about his Downing Street banquet in violation of COVID-19 restrictions?

In Mr Johnson’s statement He stated that he was baffled and appalled by the Benefits Commission’s investigation. And the copy of the investigative report he received made it clear that They intend to use this process to expel him from parliament.

“They have yet to show any evidence. even less that I deliberately or recklessly misled Parliament,” Mr Johnson said in a statement, adding he was surprised by the inaccuracy and smell of prejudice.

Incidentally, last March Mr Johnson admitted that He misled Parliament into hosting a banquet at Number 10 Downing Street. By ensuring that all attendees follow the COVID control measures. which in fact is not so but insisted that he did not mean to lie and admitted that social distancing at that party not perfect

The former Prime Minister also confirmed that The event, which took place in 2021, when people are still under strict lockdown, is a major event and has been allowed to take place. And he understood that the COVID prevention guidelines were followed throughout the event.

In a statement released late on Friday after Mr Johnson resigned, he said: “I am not lying and I believe the council knows in all my heart.” representative I say this because I honestly believe it to be true. And that’s what I’ve been given information to say. just like other ministers.”

Johnson said that He immediately corrected his words after knowing the truth. And the members of the committee know that. and said Even Prime Minister Richie Sunak, who at the time was his minister, was in the same building and believed the same as him The event is legally organized.

The former British Prime Minister also condemned the Employment Rights Commission as a barbarian court and claimed that the goal of this committee from the beginning was Responding to him regardless of the facts

“It is very sad to leave parliament. at least for now but above all I was baffled and shocked that I was forced out. undemocratic by a committee headed by Harriet Harman, a Labor MP (opposition) as chairman and executive with evil prejudices.”

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