The Correlation Between High Blood Pressure and Medical Aesthetics: Importance of Control for Safer Procedures

2023-06-09 21:30:00

▲Poorly controlled high blood pressure may have complications such as bleeding, hematoma, and poor wound healing. (Photo provided by Lin Jingyun)

Text / Lin Jingyun

With the advancement of science and technology, medical aesthetics is now safer than before. More and more people rely on medical aesthetics to improve their appearance and maintain a youthful and energetic image. But many people ignore the correlation between high blood pressure and medical aesthetics.

Hypertension accounts for 26.8% of Taiwan’s adult population, with a prevalence rate of 63.52% over the age of 65, and a prevalence rate of 6.52% even among those aged 20 to 39.

How much blood pressure is called high? The Cardiology Society of the Republic of China defines hypertension as a systolic blood pressure greater than 140 and a diastolic blood pressure greater than 90, that is, 140/90mmHg. There is a rumor that “high blood pressure is not called high when you are older”, but it is not true. The American Heart Association released the latest guidelines in 2017, and normal blood pressure refers to 120/80mmHg. Hypertension greater than 130/80mmHg is defined as grade I hypertension, and hypertension greater than 140/90mmHg is defined as grade II; because studies have found that grade I hypertension can also have complications, although it is not necessary to take medicine, but you need to start paying attention.

Patients with high blood pressure have elevated blood pressure, which puts pressure on the walls of blood vessels, making them vulnerable to injury and affecting blood flow to tissues. It may be coronary artery embolism, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, etc. The treatment of high blood pressure is not only to take medicine, but also to change lifestyle and exercise. There is no special risk for patients with well-controlled hypertension to undergo medical aesthetics.

What I am most afraid of is that patients who do not know their high blood pressure, or who know their high blood pressure and refuse to treat it, or even forget to take medicine, mistakenly think that medical beauty is just like going to a beauty parlor to have a face, and it is not a big deal.

Control blood pressure before operation to reduce hematoma and poor healing

Medical aesthetics includes micro-surgery and cosmetic surgery, both of which will make people nervous and anxious, sympathetic nervous hyperactivity, rapid heartbeat, and elevated blood pressure. Botox and hyaluronic acid are easy to bruise and swell. If you have cosmetic surgery, hypertensive patients are prone to bleeding during the operation, and may have hematoma after the operation. The wound hematoma will not heal well and scars will easily form. The tissue circulation disorder caused by high blood pressure may delay wound healing and even infection. Therefore, in order to have good results in medical aesthetics, it is very important to control blood pressure before surgery.

Another condition is called white coat syndrome. Normal blood pressure is normal, but blood pressure becomes high in medical institutions, people with white robe syndrome, please tell the doctor in advance, proper control of blood pressure during treatment can have the expected medical and aesthetic effect!

(The author is the director of United Plastic Surgery Clinic)

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