Boxer Fedor Chudinov defeated Farrukh Juraev

Russian boxer Fedor Chudinov defeated Farrukh Juraev from Uzbekistan. The fight in the weight category up to 76.2 kg, which took place in St. Petersburg, ended with a decision of the judges.

The 35-year-old Chudinov now has 26 wins (17 by knockout), three losses and one draw. In 2015-2016, he was the World Boxing Association (WBA) world champion, and previously also owned the WBA Gold belt. The 30-year-old Juraev now has seven wins (three by knockout), eight losses and one draw.

It was originally planned that Fedor Chudinov would meet in the ring with Walter Gabriel Sequeira, but the Argentine was injured.

Leonid Uvarchev

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