“Boy Pakorn” speaks clearly in front of “Fay”, deep meaning influential women in life

make work atmosphere Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2022 Men’s Spin-off Show almost immediately filled with a sweet aura When the couple is red label Boy-Pakorn Chatborirak and Faye-Ponpawee Neerasingh Hand in hand, walk the red carpet, calling for a flash of light from the media photographers.

Only that is not enough because in this event, both of them still open their hearts to the sweet love moment in the most complete way. especially the young protagonist Boy Pakorn took this opportunity to explain the meaning of ‘My 3 Influencers’ which referred to mother, new day and sweetheart like Faye Pornpawee as well

The couple left for work again. It’s quite frequent these days?
Faye – I’m not used to it (embarrassed)

Boy – There is a period Yes, we have worked together. During this time, they went out together quite often. It’s more a matter of rhythm.

But we haven’t met each other before?
Boy – There was a period about 10 days ago that everyone was busy. For example, I just turned off the camera last night. It can be said that it is the time when you have to shoot a lot of movies. Filming a drama (laughs) but we still talk every day. We only see each other less for a period of about a week, which each understands because we both work.

It’s hot or not. I haven’t met my boyfriend?
Boy – not hot Just thinking about it (laughs). Most of the time, we’re going to text each other, call each other, and update what each other is up to. At night, we talked normally.

Faye – We generally update what we do today. How are you today? (Shy)

Boy – To be honest, Faye and I normally have video calls. Because technology allows us to see each other even if we are not together. which it helps to get rid of nostalgia

Previously we posted about influential woman Can you tell me what you want to communicate with Faye ?
Boy – Well, those are the 3 most influential women in my life, my mother, New Day and Mr. Faye (smiles). He’s the kind of person I think gives me a very good feeling (shy).

How does Fay feel to hear him say this to his face?
Faye – I’m happy. And wait to see if it’s as influential as they say it is or not (laughs).

Boy – Wait a minute, let time prove it.

Do we think it’s all just a promotion?
Faye – In fact, I keep asking, but Brother Boy, he insists that he doesn’t have a promotion.

Boy – Original promotion, original price. Same old feeling, always.

6 months ago, did Brother Boy do as he said?
Faye – It’s still consistent today, very good.

Boy – Always (smiles) is since I spoke to Faye. I was already determined that How much have we given him? We want him to continue like this. as appropriate as it should happen and will keep this level indefinitely I don’t want it to decrease, it’s always the same, it’s consistent, it’s consistent

So sweet. Let’s cheer up in advance. Let’s get married?
Boy – Oh my… Well, don’t skip the steps yet. It’s better to take it slow between the two of us because everything has a rhythm, there is time for us to gradually Continuously develop relationships Let it be natural first.

What kind of feedback does your mother have?
Boy – The other day, he had just had dinner together. I feel good too. It felt good that the two of them were talking. And Faye, he takes good care of his mother. As for the mother herself, she didn’t say much. But I could recognize that he was cheering for him and he liked Faye.

Did Faye ask P’Boy after meeting his mother, what did she say?
Faye – I secretly asked the same. Which P Boy he said like this that his mother didn’t say much.

Boy – Well, my mother is a person who doesn’t show much feelings anyway. But I’ll know what’s OK Or any event, how do you feel? Every time my mother saw Faye, I felt that she looked happy.

Now in the comments section, I’ve been teased a lot that big daughter-in-law?
Boy – There was also a part that his mother wanted us to have someone beside him as a partner, and he was glad that I had someone beside me and the person next to me was Faye (smiles).

Faye’s parents? How do you have feedback?
Faye – In fact, at Faye’s house, we will see Brother Boy all the time. Everything is in the eyes of adults. And P Boy himself is always cute. At Faye’s house, he saw that Boi was able to take care of Faye.

Boy – Even though the two of us grow up, but every Actions are always in the eyes of adults. Besides, I also want you guys to feel at ease. Especially the elders of Faye’s house, I want you to feel at ease.

Call it the green light on both sides?
Boy – Mine is green (smiles).

Faye – At Faye’s house, he was quite respectful of Faye. So you will come in a line beside More than giving advice If your child thinks, you will believe.

Happy with the status of action?
Boy – Today’s status is ok. The two of us are happy and let it gradually Progressively developed as it should be not in a hurry

When going on a date, they usually take Nong Wan Mai along with three of them?
Boy – Oh, the truth is that we actually went with the three of us. There will only be a train park. But other than that, on the new day, we didn’t go together, just the three of us because we had Faye’s friends as well. which I myself felt that when I came to meet with Faye I also wanted Faye to get to know my sister. know my family As for the new day, he himself wants to have an older sister. So he will always talk about Faye, Brother Faye, Brother Faye (smiles).

Going out together often like this, is the price a special rate as well?
Boy – Not at all, usually when we go out together, we don’t have a pair price. In simple words, who’s price is it? no upgrade

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