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Original title: National Football Assistant Brazil: Exxon is very gregarious and good at boosting team morale

Sohu Sports News, on May 8, Beijing time, Irving Wilke, the Brazilian fitness coach of the national football team, was interviewed by the Brazilian media “Global Sports”. Sen.

Irving Wilke said: “I’m proud of my work, it’s not easy to bring Brazilian expertise to another country, I’ve had success with both club and national team. I’m in China. A respected, recognized professional.”

In the interview, Owen Wilke also listed some foreign aids who have played in China. For example, Hamsik is very self-disciplined, Shalawi is very responsible for his own diet, and Exxon has a good personality. “Exxon is a very gregarious person, everyone loves Exxon, he is very integrated into the team, contagious, and can improve the morale of the team with his own style.”

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