2024 Conmebol Tournaments: Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana Chilean Teams Schedule and Match Details

2023-12-21 01:16:16 Conmebol international tournaments, such as the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana are already beginning to be seen on the horizon and with it, the next challenges for the respective Chilean teams classified to the contests. With the draw already official, all that was left was to know the date and time of duelswhich … Read more

Marco Antonio Figueroa: Potential Candidate for Colo Colo Coach Revealed by Maurtius Israel

2023-12-18 18:01:12 In the midst of Blanco y Negro’s search to close the successor of Gustavo Quinterosthe renowned commentator Mauritius Israel surprised with the name of a candidate to wear the Colo Colo sweatshirt. In the Círculo Central program, the communicator revealed that Marco Antonio Figueroa sounds loud in the offices of the Alba dealership … Read more

Colo Colo: Dominating Attendance in 2023 National Championship

2023-12-11 20:21:05 Colo Colo He showed his chest this Monday on the networks for his first place of assistance in the 2023 season of the National Championship, a tournament in which they finished in third place with 54 units, three behind the champion Huachipato. The ‘Cacique’ won with an enormous advantage in the total number … Read more

The High Cost of Football: A Look at the Financial Game in Mexican Football

2023-12-04 14:00:54 It had to be said… Millions do not buy intelligence or heart It is not enough to have millions to spare, but you have to know how to invest them. In cruel professional football, the champions covered in banknotes dazzle, but it is far from being effective to spend them on anything, there … Read more

Catholic University Celebrates Under 19 Achievements After 2023 National Championship

2023-12-04 00:22:30 Catholic Universitythrough social networks, made a burlesque publication minutes after the end of the 29th of 2023 National Championship. Just moments after Colo Colo was defeated by Unión Españolaleaving no chance of being two-time champion of the tournament, a forceful message appeared on Cruzados’ profile. A lone emoji, smiling from ear to ear, … Read more

From Football Fields to the Stage: The Rise of IcyCold – A Journey from Soccer to Urban Music

2023-12-02 09:45:15 The youth generation of 2004 University of Chile can say that future stars emerged in their ranks, some who have already forged their path in football like Lucas Assadi, Dario Osorio and others, who away from the fields are looking for another dream, as is the case of Nicolas Alvarez. At only 19 … Read more