Marco Antonio Figueroa: Potential Candidate for Colo Colo Coach Revealed by Maurtius Israel

2023-12-18 18:01:12

In the midst of Blanco y Negro’s search to close the successor of Gustavo Quinterosthe renowned commentator Mauritius Israel surprised with the name of a candidate to wear the Colo Colo sweatshirt.

In the Círculo Central program, the communicator revealed that Marco Antonio Figueroa sounds loud in the offices of the Alba dealership and even ventured to say that it is the ‘covered’ of the albo sports manager.

“I am going to give you a name that sounds more popular than any other and that is going to be presented to the board by Daniel Moron as candidate signatures to be coach of Colo Colo, he is Chilean, coach of a National Team… He is Marco Antonio Figueroa, that’s the cover that Colo Colo has to be a coach for the ‘Popular’ team next year,” he indicated.

The ‘Phantom’ currently directs the Nicaraguan teamcombined to which he arrived in February 2022 with the firm mission of qualifying for the ‘United States, Mexico and Canada 2026’ World Cup.

Despite the enormous responsibility of the Chilean strategist in Central America, Israel said that Figueroa “dies for directing Colo Colohe dies to be the coach of Colo Colo and he wants to come here to cover mouths and this is the opportunity.”

Even the former national team player Fabián Estay recently applied for the ‘Cacique’ bench to the ‘Fantasma’, who in his career directed the other two greats of national football: University of Chile and Catholic University. “He has character and he is a winner. It would be painted“, said.

MAF adds bonuses by achieving this year with Nicaragua to ascend to the Concacaf A Leaguewhere there are teams such as the United States, Mexico and Canada, among others.

It is the second promotion that Figueroa has achieved with the ‘pinoleros’ in a year and a half. He had previously managed to access the Concacaf Gold Cupbut a regulatory issue and a sanction, due to administrative errors before the Chilean took over the national team, deprived him of participating in that tournament.

Video credit: Youtube – Círculo Central Oficial

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