Which team will Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson play for next season?

The free agency of the NFL He always leaves a lot to talk about, now there are two players who want to leave their current team, but there is no news of a contract elsewhere. Lamar Jackson y Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers has been flirting for three years with the idea of ​​not only leaving … Read more

Who will be the base of the Tri in the summer? – David Medrano

THE BASE The 23 players taken into account by Diego Cocca for last Sunday’s game against Jamaica will be the basis for the Final Four and the Gold Cup, since there will no longer be a majority call and only those who can register will be called. For the Final Four and the Gold Cup, … Read more

Rafa Puente apologizes to Adriana Maldonado after insult

After having insulted the reporter on a live program, Adriana Maldonado, Raphael Bridge He uploaded a public apology to social networks, where he assured “he lost objectivity like never before.” The commentator of ESPN He mentioned in the publication that what happened in recent days with his son, Rafael Puente Jr., who was fired from … Read more

Joserra DEFENDS Adriana Maldonado and the consequence is expected for Rafa Puente due to live commentary

Jose Ramon Fernandezjournalist from ESPNcame out in defense of the reporter Adriana Maldonadowho received a series of insults from the analyst Rafael Bridge. Joserra defended the work of her fellow reporter and seriously criticized Puente’s attitude by using a derogatory term towards Adriana Maldonado. In a post made on his official social media account, Joserra … Read more

How the Galaxy S23 became the smartphone for gamers

Since the first Galaxy S, mobile gaming has been transformed beyond recognition. The most popular games used to be basic tap and swipe titles, but now mobile games offer so much more. As the mobile game market grows 1.7 times more Like all other games, innovation is in high demand. The divide between mobile gaming … Read more

Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski were caught kissing in Tokyo

The singer Harry Styles and the model Emily Ratajkowski They were caught together on the streets of Tokio. A video froze the moment they shared a passionate kiss. The video circulated quickly on social media. The celebrities did little to hide, since it shows that they were on a road with several passers-by. Without further … Read more