Colo Colo: Dominating Attendance in 2023 National Championship

2023-12-11 20:21:05

Colo Colo He showed his chest this Monday on the networks for his first place of assistance in the 2023 season of the National Championship, a tournament in which they finished in third place with 54 units, three behind the champion Huachipato.

The ‘Cacique’ won with an enormous advantage in the total number of spectators in his games as home owner. The whites carried 409.967 spectators to the Monumental, an average of 34.165 per game – three duels were played without an audience.

In this way, Colo Colo far surpassed the other greats of Creole football. University of Chilethe archrival of ‘popular’, registered a total of 111.534 people in their home matches, an average of 11,534 per match – five matches were played without fans.

While, Catholic University reached a global audience of 93,562 in its matches as host, with an average of 5.947 out of commitment -one played it without people in the stands-.

Given this, the ‘Cacique’ decided to ‘touch the ear’ of his fiercest rivals with a particular message networking. “Ours and always full. First place in attendance 2023. Shall we repeat 2024? “We do not live on myths,” they indicated.

In the photo of the message, the cast of Pedrero went further: “To be great you have to have a stadium… And fill it”, pointing at the beginning of the message to the blues and at the end to the crusaders.

Note that the ‘Romantic Traveler’ could not use the National Stadium for Santiago 2023 while the Crusaders are still waiting for the reopening of San Carlos de Apoquindo. Despite playing most of their home games at Santa Laura, the universities also had to go to the regions.

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