Breaking News: Holding SARL Crosses 33.33% Ownership Threshold in Aluminum du Maroc

2023-06-09 19:22:49

The Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) informs the public that Holding SARL has declared that it has crossed directly upwards the threshold of participation of 33.33% in the capital of the company Aluminum du Maroc following the acquisition on June 1, 2023 of:

· 21,004 Aluminum shares from Morocco, on the block market with Ms. Fettouma Sebti and Mr. Mohamed El Alami, at a unit price of 1,349 dirhams;

· 2,957 Aluminum shares of Morocco, on the central market, at a unit price of 1,349 dirhams.

Following these transactions, Holding SARL declares that it holds 176,171 Aluminum shares of Morocco, or 37.80% of the capital of the said company.

In the six months following the crossing of the aforementioned threshold, Holding SARL plans to stop its purchases of Aluminum du Maroc.

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