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the chalaca singer Brunella Torpoco continues unstoppable and sweeping throughout Peru. This week she was crowned the most listened to at the national level with her song Honda-Costumbres in the tropical genre Peru, as detailed in the charts-Bmat report of local radio stations.

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Gone are the problems for the singer, since week after week she has been consolidating herself on national radio as one of the most listened to and requested artists by her followers.. Since he returned to the country, he has not stopped occupying the first places in the radio stations.

The artist referred to the great moment that her musical career is going through. “I am very happy, I appreciate all the support from all the radio stations, television channels and especially my followers. that without them I could not have achieved what I am doing”, the gravy boat indicated.

The young chalaca has positioned her song Honda – Customs as one of the favorites of the national public. However, Brunella Torpoco points out that she is just resuming her musical career. “Many news are coming for the public, I hope to continue growing artistically and have the support of all my followers.”

Finally announced that This September 25, he will be present at the Palmeras Festival and will share the stage with Willie González, David Pabón, Lalo Rodríguez, among others. The appointment is the local Fronteras Unidas, located in Independencia.


Christian and Pamela will not fall into any “provocation” about the separation from Karla Tarazona

Christian Domínguez and Pamela Franco considered the issue of separation from Karla Tarazona, the singer’s ex-partner, “resolved”. They commented that last weekend they tried to link them to generate “headlines” but decided not to give importance to the case. (Source: America TV)

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