“Building Safety Violation: Demolition of Structural Wall in Lohas Park, Tseung Kwan O”

2023-05-29 20:31:57

Sunrise Cannes Structural Wall

A unit in Lohas Park, Tseung Kwan O suspected that part of the main wall was demolished during the renovation. The MTR in charge of property management pointed out that personnel from the Customer Affairs Office and the Buildings Department went to the unit involved to check the structural safety yesterday. The Buildings Department confirmed that the structural wall between the living room and bedroom of the unit was demolished in violation of regulations, but the overall building structure is not dangerous. It has been learned that the owner involved will arrange for temporary reinforcement works to be completed within a few days to ensure the structural safety of the building.

The unit involved is located in a middle-level unit in Block 6 of the first phase of Cannes City, the original three-bedroom design. According to the video circulated on the Internet, it was discovered that three bedrooms and corridors were opened up during the renovation of the unit to become a large suite, and it was demolished. Part of the wall between the living room and the bedroom was converted into a door; the wall is suspected to be the main wall in the reference picture. MTR pointed out that it had not received an application from the unit to change the structure beforehand. The Buildings Department replied that the demolition of part of the main wall cannot be exempted from approval, and it will be regarded as illegal building works if it is carried out without approval.

A worker moved the fixed bracket to the unit involved at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon. District Councilor Fong Kwok-shan revealed that the Buildings Department has inspected the units involved and the structure of the building with the structural engineer of the MTR and authorized representatives hired by the owner. They initially believed that the structure of the building was safe, and the owner had hired a contractor to install temporary brackets to strengthen the support. Afterwards, a written order was issued to the owner, requesting that the main wall be restored as soon as possible.

The Buildings Department expressed its high concern about the incident last night, saying that after the inspection, it was found that the unit involved violations, including the removal of a 200mm thick structural wall about 720mm wide and 2,150mm high between the living room and the bedroom of the unit in order to install a new door . After inspecting the upper and lower floors of the unit involved, the department believed that the overall building structure was not dangerous. It was learned that the owner of the building had arranged for a contractor to install temporary supports under the beams of the new door. The Department stated that it will conduct a comprehensive investigation into whether the incident violated the “Buildings Ordinance”, and will take punitive actions, including criminal prosecution, against those involved depending on the results.

Su Qiliang, an associate professor of the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Hong Kong, said in an interview with the radio station yesterday morning that in general high-rise buildings rely on the main wall to bear the wind force and the weight of the building itself, and the demolition of the main wall may have a great impact on the structure. feet, become unstable, may collapse.”

As for whether it can be restored after demolition, he pointed out that it is difficult to restore the main wall. One of the restoration methods is to use concrete of the same quality as the original to re-lay the main wall. The subsequent repair and pouring is not a simple process, and it needs to be reconnected Steel bars are also somewhat difficult. Different restoration schemes need to be approved by the Buildings Department.

Residents living upstairs of the unit involved said that the renovation project of the unit involved had been carried out for half a year and was not completed until May. Property prices will be under pressure in the short term.

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