Bundesliga: Accident in the Lambo – Raser scandal about a professional: woman injured, rag gone – Bundesliga

The Bundesliga has a new speeder scandal!

Hoffenheim professional Diadié Samassékou (26) temporarily lost his driver’s license on Wednesday, according to BILD information. The defensive midfielder is said to have seriously endangered several road users on the way to morning practice with his 750 hp Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV. First Heidelberg24 had reported about it.

According to police information, the Lamborghini driver is said to have been on the B 45 from Neckargemünd towards Bammental on Wednesday morning. At around 9.40 a.m. he is said to have overtaken three vehicles that had stopped in front of him at the “Alter Sportplatz” at the entrance to a long right-hand bend, despite the ban on overtaking.

Photo: Priebe/pr-video

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The scratches after the crash are clearly visible on the Lamborghini Photo: Priebe/pr-video

When the professional met a 67-year-old Audi driver, he pulled to the right and brushed against a Skoda driver (64), who was the first of these three vehicles to turn left into the parking lot of the “Alter Sportplatz”. At the same time, the Audi driver swerved to the right to avoid a crash.

The Skoda driver suffered injuries that she wanted her family doctor to examine. The Lamborghini and the Skoda were no longer roadworthy and were towed away. According to initial estimates, the total damage is around 40,000 euros.

Samassékou’s sports car has a 12-cylinder V-engine, 750 hp and has a top speed of 351 km/h. The basic price is around 389,000 euros.

Hoffenheim did not want to comment on the incident until Wednesday evening when asked by BILD.

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