Busquets Upset To Learn Of Possible Barca Wage Cut Through Press

Sergio Busquets, captain of the Barcelona team, has expressed dissatisfaction with the club’s decision not to directly inform players of the decision to reduce their salaries. The actor said that instead of knowing this information from the media, he should have spoken directly and was ready to help in any way.

There have been strong reports in recent days that the salaries of Barcelona players who are going through a financial crisis will be cut further. Speaking to the media ahead of the match between Spain and Switzerland, Busquets asked Laporta to be prepared to clarify the incident.

“I heard a lot of people say that. I do not know what they will tell me when I go back from vacation.

“They have not put anything in front of us and have not said anything about it except what they have heard from you. It does not affect me at all. It is very much a part of the game. The star Clarified.

Although Busquets’ Barcelona contract is set to expire next year, the player will remain with the club. Under Xavi, the player has an important role to play in the Barcelona team that is recovering from setbacks next season.

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