By putting the world in Gaza and Iran, the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem accelerates – World

By diverting the world’s attention to the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the issue with Iran, Israel has accelerated the process of occupying occupied East Jerusalem.

Israeli ministries and departments are working together on controversial projects that will result in the construction of thousands of additional housing units. Currently, the government is speeding up construction work in occupied East Jerusalem. 20 projects are being worked on.

These plans were approved after and before the fighting in Gaza broke out six months ago. Far-right Jews are playing a central role in the process of evicting Palestinians from their homes in occupied East Jerusalem.

Establishing new settlements in this part of the city is against international law and will further strain Israel’s relations with the Biden administration. Sari Kronish from the Israeli human rights organization BIMCOM says that the speed with which construction has been done in this area during the last 6 months is unprecedented. Due to the situation in Gaza, ministries and government agencies have been largely inactive, and the busyness of people associated with the Ministry of Planning has increased.

Occupied East Jerusalem was illegally annexed by Israel in 1980. Settlement of Jews in this area will create obstacles in the way of establishing the capital of a possible Palestinian state here.