Austrians want to get away from fossil gas

“Mother Earth”

The war in Ukraine revealed Austria’s dependence on Russian gas. According to a recent study by Greenpeace and the ORF initiative “Mother Earth”, the majority of Austrians are now opposed to fossil gas as an energy source.

In Burgenland, 36 percent of all heating systems still use fossil fuels – i.e. coal, oil or gas. In an Austria-wide comparison, Burgenland is in the negative top field in terms of the relative number of gas heating systems. Around a quarter of Burgenland residents currently heat with gas.

High willingness to change jobs in Burgenland

However, compared to Austria, those Burgenlanders who heat their property with fossil fuels are particularly willing to switch to a renewable system. According to the Greenpeace and “Mother Earth” survey, a majority of respondents said they would make such a change in the next three years. According to Greenpeace, Burgenland is already making a positive impression in an Austrian comparison when it comes to the expansion of heat pumps and solar systems. With currently 16 percent of such forms of heating, Burgenland is in the top Austrian field.

Greenpeace criticizes the country’s climate strategy

Greenpeace criticizes the country’s climate strategy. Unlike in the case of oil, there is no exit from the gas sector. However, the state rejects the criticism and refers to corresponding conversion and funding offers that also apply to gas. When it comes to phasing out gas for new buildings, the state refers to the federal government, which must regulate this phasing out in the Renewable Heat Act and ensure appropriate financing. So far, however, the states have only had drafts, according to the office of Deputy Governor Astrid Eisenkopf (SPÖ).

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