C Long misses Manchester United 1:1 to force Li Cheng

C Long misses Manchester United 1:1 to force Li Cheng

[Now Sports]At the end of the Premier League on Saturday, Manchester United were only 1-1 with Liszt City at home with the absence of Christano Ronado, and they lost again. Manchester United has Christano Ronaldo to avoid the battle due to illness, and Bannu Ferrandis pushed his predecessor to leave 9 to cooperate with Shan Cao, Ailanga and Puba. Leicester City’s pair of backbones Evans and Wesley Coffin returned to the main draw after recovering from injury.

The Red Devils slowly gained most of the ball. In the 22nd minute, Shuer made a cross from the left. Puba beat Coffin with a header and went straight into Kasper Schumigao’s arms. 5 minutes later, Coffin gave Fett a wrong pass, and the latter sent Bannu for a ride. Bannu broke through between the two defenders and kicked, and Schmidt blocked it with his foot. Both sides finished halftime 0-0.

The goal finally appeared in the 63rd minute. Fred was intercepted on a fast break. Madison made a cross, Yi Xuan took Zu and scored, and Li Cheng opened the scoring first. 3 minutes later, Bannu shot the ground wave, Schumigao saved not far, Fett successfully made a hit, and the Red Devils equalized 1:1. In 72 minutes, Madison made another pass, Coffin took a header and scored, Dikia Fly to the rescue.

In the 80th minute, Manchester United’s pressure and defense were very loose. Hualani and Mai Jiaya fell to the ground one after another. Yixuan passed the Zu to Madison and then scored, but VAR pointed out that Yixuan violated Hualani first and was sentenced to fraud. paste. In the end, the two armies ended in harmony, each scoring 1 point.

Manchester United are in sixth place with 51 points in 30 games, three points behind fourth place Arsenal who have played two games less. Li Cheng ranked ninth with 37 points in 28 games.

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