“Cabinet” approves 8 billion, giving away money to “elderly people” from April-September.

General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense announced after the meeting.Cabinetwhich has approved the central budget of more than eight billion baht to helpfragile group 10.9 million people, which are the groupthe elderly 60 years and over receive an additional contribution of 100-250 baht per month from July onwards for a period of 4 months from April-July. Payment will be made on the 17th of July. Then in August and September will pay at the new subsidy rate that the Cabinet. approve

Cabinetalso approved the principles of drafting ministerial regulations Exemption of fees for hotel business operators affected by COVID-19 to extend this fee exemption period. Going out for another two years until 2024 to help entrepreneurs during the opening of the country Agreed to the proposal of the Ministry of DES crackdown on call center gangs together with Cambodia

The Prime Minister confirmed that in the past, the government listened to all problems from the people. Some things can be done quickly. some law needs to be adjusted Some projects may be slow. will accelerate further We do not have a shortage of energy, but we need to prepare for the future. It will also promote food security. and expand exports in the future The government is sympathetic and will continue to solve problems for the people.

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