Risk of “infected with covids”. One ATK test doesn’t mean you can survive. You can infect.

risk “addicted to covid” Both close to infected people and have suspected symptoms Whether it’s a sore throat, cough, runny nose, or a fever, whenATK check returned negative results doesn’t mean Survive from COVID which has not been detected may be due to many factors Dr. Anan Chongkaewwatana Researchers in virology Biotech NSTDA has raised … Read more

“Vaccines” are also before going abroad You have to get all of them, not just the coronavirus vaccine.

National Vaccine Institute Recommended before traveling abroad must accept “vaccine” necessary to complete before This will reduce the risk of infection. epidemic or endemic disease And reduce the risk of bringing foreign infections back. Importantly, it is compliance with the rules of some countries that require receiving “vaccine” before entering the country, for example covid … Read more

“RSV” – “Influenza” – Covid 19 3 respiratory diseases epidemic in the same season

M.Yong Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, Head of the Center specializes in clinical virology. Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University opens information respiratory disease caused by infection virus There are a lot But the main problem originally would be “influenza” with “RSV” and in the old days We do not test because the method of examination is … Read more

Give away 8 poses to prevent “clogged arteries”. Move the body for 8 minutes. Easy to do at home.

It is said that not being sick a great fortune But avoiding the disease is not easy. Because nowadays, both lifestyles, lifestyles and diets are more vulnerable to disease, which various diseases have come to us clearly, such as the massive epidemic of COVID-19 that has caused the whole world. have to be in turmoil … Read more

Public Policy Big Data Era To Decryption Using “Mobility Data”

DTAC-School.-Architect Chulalongkorn University-Boonmee Lab join forces to research “The potential of tourism in provincial cities after Mobility data” Revealed 3 important ways to promote tourism in secondary cities in the country: 1. Attracting short-term tourism or Micro-tourism 2. Promotion of overnight stays to create new experiences and 3. Development of provincial group tourism. Academics point … Read more

A well-known news anchor has shaved her hair and is ordained a priest after undergoing stage 2 breast cancer treatment for more than 4 years.

2 weeks ago “Am Sarocha Pornudomsak” The famous news anchor posted a picture of himself in his respect. “Sonthi Limthongkul” Founder of the newspaper, manager and affiliated media with the message that “This morning I have come to ask for forgiveness. I apologize to Mr. Sonthi Limthongkul at Baan Phra Arthit. before being ordained at … Read more