“RSV” – “Influenza” – Covid 19 3 respiratory diseases epidemic in the same season

M.Yong Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, Head of the Center specializes in clinical virology. Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University opens information respiratory disease caused by infection virus There are a lot But the main problem originally would be “influenza” with “RSV” and in the old days We do not test because the method of examination is difficult unlike nowadays. Covid19 “RSV” and “influenza” There is an ATK method to detect the disease. more such These three disease outbreaks will be in the same season. seasonal disease and will have problems in The risk group is young children, elderly who has congenital disease also known as 608

“RSV” It is an ancient disease. Until now, it has not been developed. vaccine can be used to protect This disease is now possible again. From the study at the center where I worked Children grow up to 5 years, almost none of them have ever been. and each person can become again Some people are every year immunity that arises from the mother to be passed on to the child And it will be about 6 months to have immunity passed from the mother. small children It is possible and the symptoms are severe. But most are found after the maternal immune system has been exhausted, ie from the age of 6 months. There are several strains of this virus. And from tracking to the same species can be repeated again. The violence is more intense in the first year and as they get older. The severity of the disease will be less. Likewise, adults can only have mild symptoms and will have more symptoms in the immunocompromised group or the elderly. 608 There is no direct drug treatment to treat symptoms. most healed

“influenza” Likewise, there are many Both A and B species The epidemic this year isInfluenza A H3N2 strain Almost all of them, at the center, we are constantly monitoring the species. vaccine Protection but not high efficiency Vaccination is possible, but symptoms are reduced. same with Covid19

too Covid19 It’s a seasonal disease. will be found in the same season, namely rainy season and will be less during October to December and will go up a bit more in January-March. then gradually decrease again and add one more time after mid June Studies around the world have found that violence from the era Oh Micron decrease, even try covid was reduced MIS-C in child was reduced and the severity of MIS-C in children also decreased (in Israel study) JAMA May19, 2022 It is like the disease is adjusting toseasonal disease

In the past, the mortality rate from respiratory disease such as pneumonia, pneumonia, respiratory failure from infection We can find a lot, but we have never distinguished what kind of infection it is from. And there are still pneumonia caused by bacteria to aggravate However, nowadays the care has improved. That mortality rate has dropped considerably compared to when I was caring for patients 40 years ago. pneumonia in many patients Sometimes I don’t even know what the cause is.

except virus Mentioned there are many other causes. respiratory disease and if checking all of them It will cost a lot of unnecessary, except for research studies. to know what’s going on right now which is our duty that we do all the time

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