Risk of “infected with covids”. One ATK test doesn’t mean you can survive. You can infect.

risk “addicted to covid” Both close to infected people and have suspected symptoms Whether it’s a sore throat, cough, runny nose, or a fever, whenATK check returned negative results doesn’t mean Survive from COVID which has not been detected may be due to many factors

Dr. Anan Chongkaewwatana Researchers in virology Biotech NSTDA has raised research results from the Netherlands. After the information in this period Looks like there’s an increase in the number of covid cases. The use of ATK test kits in surveillance will play a big role. It is believed that many times we know that we have been in contact with an infected person and then come to check ATK to confirm whether we are infected by that contact or not.

But most of the time, ifATK check There were no symptoms and the test result was negative at the time. It is often believed that Fortunately, he survived and was not infected. After that, although there were some symptoms. Some people may think that it’s not covid. because the ATK test was negative.

Dr. Anan stated that from collecting user data ATK from one research Check for infection during the time when you don’t have any obvious symptoms. The information indicates that 3 brands of ATK used in the Netherlands. The results came out consistent with that. The sensitivity to detect infection in these groups is only 20-27%, which is a relatively small number: about 7 out of 10 infected people will lose ATK testing and if not repeated. Many people are unaware that they can spread the infection.

This study said in the same group before theOh Micron A high number in the range of 50-60% indicates that omicrons may contribute to a decrease in the effectiveness of the test kit. with the changing virus factors. until the antibodies in the kit detect less or less symptoms The sample in the nose is therefore more difficult to collect, etc.

Recommendation is if there is a risk of coming into contact with germs.ATK check You may need to do it more than once, especially when you feel symptoms. should check again Don’t be overly convinced of the first negative.

Previously, Dr. Anan stated that the context of “ATK Check” At present, different from before who have not been vaccinated a lot while the body is not immune from the vaccine Symptoms of the disease are caused by the body’s response to the virus to a certain extent. high enough to be detected by ATK

Therefore, we will understand that Using symptoms as a criterion for measurement will be found mostly. frankly But when our body has immunity from the vaccine. The context will change The response to the virus is much faster. When the body receives a small amount of the virus The landscape of the body will respond almost immediately. In the nature of the symptoms that we can feel, whether itching neck, dizziness, body trembling. causing us, who are accustomed to the original context, go to check because of symptoms But the viral load is still not enough. thus giving a negative result. make the mistake of thinking that I can’taddicted to covid In addition to repeating the test 2-3 days later, it was found that many people had already received 2 marks.

How many days to quarantine after contracting COVID?

for back detention “addicted to covid” Medical knowledge clearly It is safe to be separated for 2 weeks (14 days). 5 days of isolation is not enough. Because more than 50% of patients will still be able to detect infection. and may spread to close people and others in society

  • 7-day separation, the chance of falling out is still up to 25%
  • 10 day separation, 10% chance of falling off

Therefore, if separated at least a day There is a higher risk of infecting close people and others if they need to make a living. or study May return to life after 7-10 days of separation by making sure No more symptoms, and the ATK test again showed negative results.

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