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There are frequent cases of fraudulent work in Cambodia, and many people have been subjected to violence and even have their organs harvested. Senior media person Lin Yufeng shared the local organ price list in Cambodia on the program. The price of heart, liver, kidney and pancreas is very high, and the total price can reach 24 million Taiwan dollars. , scalp and blood can all be sold, and there are clearly marked bids, so after you arrive in the local area, if you cannot create value for the fraud group, then your body is the final value.

Senior media person Lin Yufeng shared on the program “Critical Moments” that many people have been tricked into working in Cambodia recently. In order to make money, the Human Snake Group usually forces girls to engage in sex trade, while boys sell organs. There are two types of organs sold locally. Among them, the heart, liver, kidney and pancreas are called “big pieces”, and the price starts from 100,000 US dollars, and these four organs can be sold for about 840,000 US dollars (about 840,000 US dollars). more than 24 million Taiwan dollars).

A senior media person shared the price list of live organ harvesting in Cambodia, which aroused discussion. (Picture / Retrieved from the key moments of the program)

Lin Yufeng said that the value of selling organs in Cambodia is very high, so “if you can’t create value for the fraud group, then your body is your ultimate value!” It can be seen from the price list of organs that the most valuable of all organs is A pancreas costs US$350,000 (about NT$10.44 million), followed by a kidney of US$200,000 (about NT$5.95 million), a liver of US$157,000 (about NT$4.6 million), and a heart of US$119,000 (about NT$3.54 million). million Taiwan dollars).

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Lin Yufeng also said that in addition to the “large items” mentioned above, other items such as scalp, small intestine, and skin are also marked with price tags by division, and even blood can be sold at NT$10,000 per 500 ml. Worst of all, due to the lack of local medical standards, he had heard that after a victim had a kidney removed, they would come to remove another kidney because of the poor removal techniques and preservation methods of the fraudulent group.

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