A horrific incident that shocked all Egyptians.. A mother strips her of humanity’s feelings and makes her lover bring her and her daughter together in one bed in an ugly way that turns her head gray!! (Details of what happened)

A mother was stripped of all feelings of humanity, to satisfy her whims and desires with her lover and the scheming of her ex-wife, as she stripped her daughter of her clothes and presented her to her lover in cold blood to be assaulted in front of her eyes. May 15.

The papers of Case No. 2185 of 2022, May 15 misdemeanour, stated that the assistant detective of the May 15 Police Department received a report from citizen “A.M.” that he was harmed by his ex-wife, called “R.H.” 35 years old, for neglecting the education of his two sons, “M.” A., aged ten years, and Wendy Adel, aged 6, due to the so-called “S.F.”, his wife’s lover,

His two sons were blasphemed, and he circulated some pictures and clips of his two sons in the area where he lives, and presented a set of photographs on a storage unit with a video clip on it in the event that the so-called “S.F” molested his children and had intercourse with his ex-wife in front of them. amount, and accordingly the accused could be arrested,

By discussing them, they confessed that they had committed the incident, and the accused added that he committed the indecent assault of the two victim children and the existence of an illegal relationship with their mother, called “S.H.” and that she resided with her and her children. They are both sexually assaulted.

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