Can Lewis Hamilton Break into the Top Ten at the Spanish GP Qualifying? Latest Updates and Insights

2023-06-03 02:43:33

Hamilton fears he won’t qualify for Q3 in Spanish GP

Lewis Hamilton is worried that if he can’t improve the performance of the car overnight by adjusting the settings, it may be difficult for him to break into the top ten in the Spanish GP qualifying.

This weekend’s Spanish GP is the first time for the Mercedes-AMG team to run on the regular track since the introduction of a major upgrade in last week’s Monaco GP. Hamilton had a difficult Friday and failed to break through the two free practice sessions In the top ten, FP2 is as much as 0.642 behind the leader Max Verstappen, and his teammate George Russell, who is ranked eighth, is only 0.157 seconds faster than him.

With the rivalry between the teams after Red Bull Racing looking fierce, Hamilton said he had to put in a lot of work before qualifying to ensure he could make it to Q3. With the running speed, it is difficult for me to enter the top ten at the moment, but I hope we can turn around overnight.”

“I think between fifth and 10th, the gap between us and our opponents is very, very small, everyone’s progress is very impressive. You can see Ocon, both Alpine drivers have done a good job, one of them To have an Aston Martin right behind the Red Bull driver is really amazing. So it’s not going to be easy to finish in the top ten, that’s for sure.”

Russell is a little more optimistic about the situation of the Mercedes team. He pointed out that they often face difficulties on Friday, but their speed will improve for the rest of the weekend. He said: “We are very clear that Friday is not our good field. Normally we improve on Saturday and Sunday, the right development would be that.”

“But that’s the way we are now. I think a lot of teams are introducing upgrades here. We don’t expect to shine all at once. We just need to learn from the information we get, work hard and try to move forward tomorrow.”

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However, Russell admitted that other teams, particularly Alpine, looked very competitive at low fuel levels, adding: “I think the two Alpine drivers look very strong, so the battle between us, Ferrari and the Alpine drivers The competition could be tough. Then maybe Nico (Hulkenberg), he was fast today too, I don’t know how he did it.”

“We saw a similar scene in Miami though, with Kevin (Magnussen) qualifying ahead of us, but that changed on Sunday. I don’t expect anything spectacular from us tomorrow, but I do expect our Sunday It’s going to be better than Saturday, so yeah, we’re working on that.”

Hamilton also agreed that the preliminary results of Friday’s stage showed that the Mercedes car was clearly struggling in terms of laps compared to its long-distance performance. He said: “I think our long-distance speed looks good, we just need to work hard on it. Know how to run a shorter lap time.”

2023 Formula 1 Spanish GP broadcast moments
June 3 at 21:30 (Wilai Sports Channel, Elda Sports Max2, Max4 live broadcast) Qualifying
June 4th at 20:30 (Live on Weilai Sports Channel, Elda Sports 3, Max4 Channel) Official Match

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