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After the UNAM reported that it does not have the power to withdraw the title from Minister Yasmín Esquivel after confirming that he did plagiarize his thesis, Roberto Lara Chagoyán, research professor at the Tecnológico de Monterreyexplained that the highest house of studies does have the elements to do so, although the professional license would remain in the hands of the SEP.

In interview with The Bloomberg Financialalso a contributor to Nexos magazine, clarified that the UNAM is in charge of granting a title and the SEP is the only institution that provides professional certificates.

“The UNAM can grant a title and it can also take it away, but not a professional license, giving the SEP a view is strictly for effects of the professional license, the SEP is the only one that issues IDs, the UNAM does not issue professional IDs, only the SEP issues them.

“To give the identity card, you need a title, a communication of a public or private university that says that such a person finished his professional studies in order for the license to be issued by the authority”, he argued.

Given this, the specialist anticipated that he is in danger that when the case of Minister Yasmín Esquivelthe educational institution says that it does not have “any problem” because it issued the certificate with the authorization of the title.

“When the case is handed over to you, the SEP can say I have no problem with the ID, the certificate was issued under this title. Let’s hope that the SEP could say that a requirement for the issuance of the ID is not being met in accordance with what the UNAM tells it, ”he said.

For this reason, he reiterated that the UNAM does have powers to rule on a legal consequence, as the illegal act of plagiarism that he already recognized:

“UNAM is wrong to say that it lacks powers, it may be that there is no express norm, but that does not mean that it lacks powers. Whoever has the powers to determine the creation of an institutional act, also has the powers to determine its legal consequence, which is nothing other than nullity“, he pointed.

Lastly, he celebrated the FES Aragón recognized the plagiarism, but regretted that “the dice” were directed towards the thesis director and not to Yasmín Esquivel.

“It seems that they are loading the dice towards the director and not so much towards the minister and that is also worrying because it seems to me an illegal act that can have several subjects, here both the director and the minister are active subjects, one of the two cannot be excluded or excused”, he added.

AMLO criticizes UNAM for not deciding what will happen to Esquivel’s title

The President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ‘demanded’ that the National Autonomous University of Mexico did not resolve whether the bachelor’s degree of Minister Yasmín Esquivel is valid or not and accused the rector of the UNAM, Enrique Graue, of “washing his hands”, like Pontius Pilate.

After the FES Aragón confirmed that the Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation did plagiarize her thesis to receive the career of Right in 1987the UNAM announced that it lacks the mechanisms to invalidate a title issued by themselves, for which reason it asked the Ministry of Public Education to resolve the case.

Questioned about this issue in the morning conference, the Mexican president criticized that the UNAM He would ‘throw the ball’ to the SEP; However, he affirmed that his administration “will not evade” responsibility and said that they will give an answer on Monday of next week.

“I raised it here, they had to resolve. His court had to make the recommendation about whether or not the title is valid. We are going to see ourselves, it is going to be analyzed. The best thing is for the UNAM to say: yes or no, your title is valid or not valid. What they want is for us to decide,” AMLO protested at the National Palace.

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