Canada creates 21,000 jobs in September

Par : Vivienne| Key words : Canada-economy-employment| Updated on 08-10-2022

Canada added 21,000 jobs in September, with a high employment rate for working-age parents, Statistics Canada said Friday.

After falling in August, employment was little changed in September as full-time and part-time work remained stable, the national statistics institute said, adding that compared to May 2022, the date of the latest increase in employment, there were 92,000 fewer people at work in September.

According to Statistics Canada, with most public health measures related to COVID-19 having been lifted, and parents and children having started to return to school routines in September, the employment rate of working-age mothers with at least least one child under 18 was 79.9%, the highest rate for the month of September since 1976, and up 2.1 percentage points from September 2019.

The employment rate for fathers in the same age group was 93.5%, the highest rate for the month of September since 1981, Statistics Canada added.

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