Can’t you have a child after 14 years of marriage with Huang Guolun? Kou Naixin clarifies, “Relax and let go of my worries” | Artist News | Shh!Star News

2023-11-30 05:56:21
Kou Naixin and Huang Guolun. Picture/Extracted from IG 2023-11-30 13:56 Shh!Star News Editor/Comprehensive Report

Kou Naixin and Huang Guolun have been married for 14 years. Although the couple sometimes quarrels, they are still a happy couple in the eyes of the outside world. The two have not yet planned to have children. Kou Naixin also revealed the reason behind it a few days ago.

Kou Naixin was asked if she still has no children after 14 years of marriage. Is it because she can’t give birth? She responded that she could give birth if she worked hard, but she was worried about what she would do if she gave birth to a girl who looked like her husband Huang Guolun. They also asked everyone to imagine Huang Guolun’s appearance with two little pigtails tied on his head. Is it scary? Huang Guolun said disapprovingly, “How do you know it’s not good to look like me?” Kou Naixin asked again, “Do you want your daughter to grow up?” Does it look like you?” Huang Guolun hesitated and replied, “I will pray that this will not happen.”

Kou Naixin then seriously responded to the question about having a baby. She felt that the two of them were still like children, so taking good care of themselves was a responsibility to the society. She also revealed that if there is an unexpected pregnancy in the future, they will still be happy to give birth.

Kou Naixin revealed the reason why she and Huang Guolun did not have children. Picture/Extracted from IG Kou Naixin revealed the reason why she and Huang Guolun did not have children.Picture/extracted from IG Huang Guolun Kou Naixin
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